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Meet the SLP!


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Collaborate with families, caregivers and professional team members to best serve client needs.

Provide individualized and efficacious speech and language therapy that remains family-centered.

Empower each individual and their loved ones to functionally implement therapeutic strategies for everyday use.


Hello! My name is Kate Kurzhal. I'm a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist serving the Michiana area. I am the sole owner and operator of Therapeutic Interventions & Solutions, LLC. I am a proud Michiana native, graduating from Penn High School. I first became interested in Speech-Language Pathology while helping my Dad with a "Learn to Skate" clinic at the Ice Box. Many children attended but I had the privilege to connect with several kids and their families who had various disorders - some of whom were wheelchair bound. One parent said, "watching my son's smile out there is all I really want."I felt a strong calling to find a career that would allow me to give families these moments more often through therapy; I chose Speech-Language Pathology.


I began my journey as a double graduate from Indiana University-Bloomington (Bachelors-2014; Masters-2018) with proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL). I then returned to the area and began working across a variety of settings included but not limited to: public schools, First Steps Early Intervention Services, Acute Inpatient (Hospital), Rehabilitative Hospital for Adults and Outpatient Pediatrics (Hospital). I feel very fortunate to maintain a diverse background of interests which has afforded me so much hands on experience. My areas of interest include: pediatric speech & language, pediatric feeding/swallowing and oral-motor therapies, AAC device use and integration, as well as, adult neurogenic disorders- such as Parkinson's Disease, ALS and Traumatic Brain Injury. I love what I do when I can give families tools, strategies and functional ways to apply therapy to support the needs of those they love.

Currently, I am seeing patients in-home but will be shifting to an office as of August 1st. I also serve as an adjunct faculty at Indiana University-South Bend Campus and provide on-site services at various schools and facilities as allowable.

Time with my family is my highest value. I married my husband, Tom Kurzhal, in March of 2020. We have been richly blessed with our daughter Maggie (2 years) and Bee (1 year). We love our dogs, Corby and Luna, who keep us active with endless walks! We also enjoy Notre Dame football, bonfires and Redamaks burgers. Much of my passion to serve and support Michiana families is derived from my own recognition that it truly does "take a village" and I enjoy being part of the "villages" I serve.


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