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Services Offered

Informal speech sound production, language and communicative function screenings provide insight to determine if a formal evaluation is warranted. These also include observation of functional skills to further integrate into an evaluation. Screenings may also be utilized in ongoing therapy to support decisions in client care.


Informal and/or formal assessments to determine a client's baseline skills across various speech and language-related domains. This also includes oral mechanism examination to assess the strength/ range of motion and integrity of oral structures related to speech, as well as, feeding and swallowing. Upon completion of these measures, the following session will include reviewing a client's performance, qualifications for intervention and a treatment plan in the event of impaired speech and/or language skills. 



Individualized treatment plans are developed following the evaluation to target identified deficits as it relates to a client's speech, language and/or feeding and swallowing skills. These include functional and meaningful goals based on the needs of a client, as well as, consideration for concerns and desires of their families. Treatment will follow a plan but plans remain flexible with consistent collaboration as client skills and/or needs change over the course of therapy.

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All families have the right to request a Good Faith Estimate.

Additional Service Information

Child-Related Specialties:

- Articulation/Phonological processes

- Childhood Apraxia of Speech 

- Receptive and Expressive Language

- Voice: Tone/Rate of Speech

- Stuttering/Fluency

- Augmentative and Alternative Communication


-Orofacial Myology Disorders

- Social Thinking and Pragmatics

Adult-Related Specialties:

- Voice: Function/ Breathing/ Resonance 

- Attention/ Memory/ Problem-Solving

- Traumatic Brain Injury

- Dementia 

- Augmentative and Alternative Communication

- Social Thinking and Pragmatics

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